Delicate Arch - Enlightenment Achieved

Delicate Arch

The Delicate Arch is tucked away in an eroded, natural amphitheater that includes sweeping views across a vast expanse to the La Salle Mountains. Reaching Utah’s most iconic landmark requires strenuous effort as the two mile trek to the spectacular location is almost entirely uphill.

With a shape more sturdy than delicate, the heavy set vault is truly a masterpiece of nature’s erosional engineering. The rigid, orange rock contrasts sharply with the soft, blue sky, creating artistic compositions from every available angle.

Reaching the summit of this unique environment is worth the effort because the difficult journey through time instills appreciation for the desert’s beauty. Hordes of hikers stream through this area but not even the enthusiastic crowds can diminish the enlightenment achieved by attaining this Mecca on the Mesa.

A strenuous effort

A two mile trek

A journey through time

Desert beauty

Mecca on the Mesa

Erosional engineering

A natural amphitheater

Hordes of hikers

A heavy set vault

Artistic compositions

An orange rock

An iconic landmark


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