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Sandhills Sunset - Order Emerges Out of Chaos

Sandhills sunset Christmas time on the prairie and the weather conditions are brutal due to heavy snow, high winds and horrific cold. The annual winter trek to western Nebraska has been transformed into an arctic expedition. After a week of natural destruction, the storm subsides and a breathtaking sunset seals the covenant. A cautious trudge along the frigid creek reveals the stark aftermath of such a powerful system. The tortured landscape is a curious blend of harshness and beauty created by the unique forces from above. The low light creeping through the forest enhances the surreal atmosphere of peace and quiet. The charcoal-colored trees form haunting silhouettes that frame the deep perspective generated by the rolling Sandhills. Spanned by delicately arched snow-bridges, the crooked waterway recedes into the distance. The sharp stream-bank is steepened by deep drifts that slide dangerously into the frigid water. Bergs of strange shaped ice are strewn all over accenting a