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Clearing Storm - Fleeting Utopia

A fleeting utopia The morning after our first snow and the clearing storm revealed an absolutely pristine landscape. Glittering in the soft light, a pair of ponderosa pine were glazed with fresh, white powder, creating a pointillistic effect. The gathering of dense clouds dispersed, unveiling a cold mountain that was frosted from field to summit. Gradually the white peak came into focus, crowning the autumn landscape with a staggering beauty that can only be witnessed this time of year. Sprawling below a new-blue sky, snow-spackled trees were scattered across an orange grassland. The slow-moving system had finally dispersed leaving the colorful landscape in a state of fleeting utopia. A pristine landscape A pair of ponderosa pine Unveiling a cold mountain A staggering beauty Snow-spackled trees A colorful landscape

Snowstorm at the Lake - A Scintillating Prelude

Snowstorm at the lake It was an awesome autumn morning last Sunday as the storm packed a final punch and piled six inches of snow at Evergreen Lake. Giant flakes rained down from the firmament erasing the normally distinctive mountain backdrop. Too early for winter’s unyielding chill, the water was still fluid and leaves still firmly attached. The ochre marshland wilted under pressure from heavy accumulation, sending songbirds to seek shelter beneath the boardwalk. Despite gray weather, the dark reservoir was painted with rigid reflections that decorated the smooth surface. After such a scintillating prelude to the somber season, the slow moving storm suddenly cleared leaving behind a pristine landscape. Awesome autumn morning Giant flakes rained down Leaves were firmly attached An ochre marshland A dark reservoir A pristine landscape

First Snow - A Soft-Spoken Storm

First Snow On an early October morn, the first snow in the golden foothills could only be described in a soft monochrome. Rooted into a rocky hillside, an elegant forest of lodgepole pine was distinguished by a silvery tone. The soft-spoken storm snuck onto the scene and enveloped our area with dreary weather for quite some time. At the beginning, most of the moisture mixed with warm air and soaked into the parched ground. After dark when the temperatures went down, a couple of inches of wet snow accumulated on the grass, bushes and branches. By the next day, the meadow was glistening with termination dust in a picture reminiscent of winter. A soft monochrome An elegant forest Dreary weather The parched ground was soaked Snow on the grass and bushes Reminiscent of winter

Elk Meadow - A Tranquil Autumn Evening

A cluster of backlit pine On a tranquil autumn evening, the entry into Elk Meadow is ablaze with a carpet of fiery grasses. A cluster of backlit pine clings to a rocky hillside while broken clouds stream across the powder blue. Sprawling below the surreal sky, an orange countryside rises steadily to the fringe of a dark behemoth named Bergen Peak. Further up the rocky trail and a patch of aspen makes its last stand before winter as its leaves are just now starting to turn. From the shallow recess of a secluded hollow, a solitary pine extends its tangled branches in a wooded embrace. On the brink of a broad ridge there’s a lofty overlook where you can watch the last of the day’s light disappear and our colorful season come to an end. Ablaze with fiery grasses Bergen Peak is a dark behemoth Patch of turning aspen A secluded hollow The evening's last light disappears