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As Above, So Below - Colored Pencil Drawing

"As Above, So Below" Colored Pencil During winter’s dusk, an infinite field of celestial blue domes the serene landscape. A silky cloud sweeps over the snow-covered summit, conjuring an atmosphere of timeless peace. As above, so below, where the sky’s serenity is reflected by the vast expanse of violet pastureland. A few horses graze on the short-grass stubble, evoking a feeling of pure contentment. Looming over the transcendent valley, jagged peaks engrave a rugged profile out of the gloaming sky. Some last beams of fading light streak across the southern slopes, blending the realm of heaven with earth. Soon, the constellations will fill the sky with a web of sparkling stars that blaze through the long night. Quilted into the high plain, endless patches of crusted snow melt into the mountain scenery. The mountains at dusk are a foreboding barrier so sacrificing detail for clarity creates a more ethereal effect. The softer edges ease the tension and enhance the alread

The Vernal Equinox - More Heavy Snow

The vernal equinox Heralding the supposed start of spring, the vernal equinox is marked by more heavy snow. The struggle continues as southern storms wheel into the foothills leaving huge drifts and bitter cold in their wakes. As the wet flakes finally stop falling, the pine forest interior is a perfect place to experience the frosty aftermath. Somehow, these defiant trees manage to survive in the difficult climate that defines this area. Smothered under oppressive clouds, the forest is more silver than gray with hints of color that flicker in rebellious light. The trees are cloaked in an encrusted web of thick snow that binds to the needles like cement. Limber trunks and branches bow under the immense pressure of excessive weight but they never break. The dark, frozen woodland always seems to bounce back after the elusive blue skies return. The storm’s dispersal is certain to compose spectacular scenery as the mountain peaks start to jut out of a veil of smoky mist. The warmer