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Evergreen Lake Trail - A Glowing Marshland

Evergreen Lake Trail Tracing the irregular contour of a scenic watershed, Evergreen Lake Trail is a looping artery centered in the heart of the foothills. On a hazy, autumn morning the water’s smooth surface faithfully reflects an unusually emerald-colored sky. Other anomalies also occur as the pall of silence evokes an eerie sensation that is unexpected after such a boisterous summer. During this seasonal transformation, the marshland glows with a sheen of vibrant color more vivid than years past. Surprisingly this watery world has remained fluid well into the onset of another mild winter. The predictable cycle of annual weather seems to have shifted so traditional patterns arrive later than normal, leaving the local inhabitants in a state of bewilderment. A scenic watershed A watery world Cycles have shifted Heart of the foothills A glowing marshland A sheen of color A state of bewilderment

Bergen Park Trail - Waiting Anxiously for Winter

Bergen Park Trail The Bergen Park Trail is a distinct walkway that circumnavigated a very old swath of ponderosa pine forest. The giant trees blot out the sun but some especially resilient rays of light pierce the canopy of sharp needles. The subtle luminescence is responsible for the soft shadows that creep across the summer’s last tufts of tall grass. At the southern section of the green belt, the scenery opens up where a pair of little ponds reflects the scenic backdrop. This mild season seems eternal as there has been hardly a hint of the snow that normally adorns the landscape this time of year. We will wait anxiously for the first big storm that generates the winter weather to which we’ve become so accustomed. Bergen Park Circumnavigates old pine Ponds reflect the backdrop Mild season seems eternal Waiting for a storm