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Wasatch Mountains - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Wasatch Mountains" Colored Pencil This drawing depicts a sweeping view of Utah's Wasatch Mountains on a sparkling, summer day. Bordered by great, salt flats, the gorgeous range rises inexplicably out of the dry, desert sand. Here, the Lower Bells Canyon is a lofty oasis providing respite from the lively lowlands. The foreground is filled with grasses of green and gold while stair-stepped through the rubble of smooth rocks, a shallow stream is a turquoise outlet. It's a place positioned at the mouth of a steep gorge where a murky reservoir is concealed by fresh greenery. The entire scene is backlit by mid-morning sun as demonstrated by the dark shadows defining the wavy, white clouds. The background features rugged peaks that descend into the distance while a row of blue brush forms a boundary between the forest and high plateau. A variety of lush vegetation occupies the wet valley where verdant shades of color are too numerous to decipher. Preceded by a re

Clear Creek - A Transparent Torrent

Clear Creek at Golden, Colorado On a gorgeous evening in Golden, Colorado, Clear Creek is undeniably liberated from winter's icy grasp. As the cold season draws to a close, we are challenged to emerge from our dark den. The great thaw continues and soon this silent stream will be transformed into a transparent torrent, flowing below a series of rustic bridges. Off towards the setting sun, a deep gorge was hewn by this wonderful waterway. Rushing down out of the foothills, a deluge of glacial water causes the snowy banks to collapse. Bordering the rock-filled river, bare trees are unable to divert the air of changing seasons. Packed with deep snow, the canyon trail is mired in an eternal shadow. Backlit beneath billowy clouds, the blue mountains remain anything but glum. A cheerful spirit permeates the entire landscape. It's on a special night just like this that I'm reminded. When an extraordinary light shines down from above, it reveals a certain truth and bea

Western Nebraska - A Winter Walk

Silent Shadows at Dugout Creek "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." ~ John Muir This past winter, western Nebraska was a wonderland. Wandering around in bad weather, I wasn't expecting to find much during my nature walk. Surprisingly, the normally stark Sandhills sparkled with a glow not usually seen. The wide, blue sky was a dramatic backdrop enhancing the deep, white snow. The abandoned Northport school was eerily concealed by a congregation of old cottonwoods. Down the way, strange, dark shadows stretched quietly across Dugout Creek. Where the river ran high, a persistent heron hunted along the mighty North Platte. Flitting swiftly through a yellow thicket, resident sparrows searched for corn while perched on a high snag, a striking kestrel kept an eye out for unsuspecting prey. South of the settlement where whiteout conditions existed, Courthouse and Jail were mere apparitions barely visible above the creekside campground. Ther

Elk Meadow - Blue is Beautiful

Pine tree shadows at Elk Meadow Last Saturday, sloshing through Elk Meadow was an enlightening experience. While breaking trail below Bergen Peak, the winter landscape was presented as an airy palette of pastels. A dark note set within a sea of snow, an old barn drew the photographer's attention. Built back in the 1800s, the faithful stable has become a scenic symbol for the town's steadfast spirit. Streaming down from above, a ribbon of icy indigo produced a gentle cascade. Up at the overlook, a cluster of ponderosa pine created cobalt shadows that followed the field's wavy contours. Still too early for birds to be back, our only companion in the white wilderness was a clever coyote. After a gloomy week of miserable weather, an exuberant sky was sprinkled with powder blue. Wandering through the mountains warmed our hearts and melted the melancholy. Despite this dreary time being filled with snow and cold, don't be downcast. Look at the bright side, at leas