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Summer Snowstorm - A Startling Rebellion

Summer Snowstorm After about a week of warmer weather, summer’s first glimmer was promptly extinguished by winter’s last gasp. The cold front swirled into the area disrupting the local inhabitants’ annual activities. It was just days before the unofficial start to summer when an intransigent snowstorm pummeled the foothills into a deep freeze. The startling weather rebellion was a dramatic turn of events that shocked the unsuspecting ecosystem. The sturdy pine trees were cemented with a plaster of heavy, wet snow, bending limbs almost to their breaking point. The greening meadows were buried under immense drifts that swelled like waves in a great, white sea. Down at the recently thawed lake, the black water contrasted sharply with the frosted marshland. The fresh inkwell captured faithful reflections of the entombed valley’s stark beauty. Low hanging clouds skimmed across the summits of background peaks creating an imposing atmosphere. The intimidating effect conjured by the su

Early Spring Evergreen -A Great Blue Evening

Early Spring Evergreen Erected along the grassy shoreline, a statuesque heron hunts discreetly in the evening light. The virtuous, great blue displays extraordinary patience while stalking prey in the muddy shallows. It’s barely spring at Evergreen Lake so there’s not much activity except for an occasional ruckus raised by the red-wings. While I was in the vicinity, I never witnessed the great blue take a stab at anything edible so I hope she wasn’t overly famished. Crumpled under heavy snow for most of the winter, the dusky marshland is slowly creeping back to life. Most of the barren trees are just now starting to sprout buds at the tips of their limber branches. The surrounding mountains are impressive as ever after shedding their white blanket. The ring of high hills creates a sequestered valley enclosing an Edenic landscape bursting with both flora and fauna. Because of the dramatic cloud cover, fading rays of sunshine strike the slopes at unusual angles. The peaks appear

As Above, So Below - Colored Pencil Drawing

"As Above, So Below" Colored Pencil During winter’s dusk, an infinite field of celestial blue domes the serene landscape. A silky cloud sweeps over the snow-covered summit, conjuring an atmosphere of timeless peace. As above, so below, where the sky’s serenity is reflected by the vast expanse of violet pastureland. A few horses graze on the short-grass stubble, evoking a feeling of pure contentment. Looming over the transcendent valley, jagged peaks engrave a rugged profile out of the gloaming sky. Some last beams of fading light streak across the southern slopes, blending the realm of heaven with earth. Soon, the constellations will fill the sky with a web of sparkling stars that blaze through the long night. Quilted into the high plain, endless patches of crusted snow melt into the mountain scenery. The mountains at dusk are a foreboding barrier so sacrificing detail for clarity creates a more ethereal effect. The softer edges ease the tension and enhance the alread

The Vernal Equinox - More Heavy Snow

The vernal equinox Heralding the supposed start of spring, the vernal equinox is marked by more heavy snow. The struggle continues as southern storms wheel into the foothills leaving huge drifts and bitter cold in their wakes. As the wet flakes finally stop falling, the pine forest interior is a perfect place to experience the frosty aftermath. Somehow, these defiant trees manage to survive in the difficult climate that defines this area. Smothered under oppressive clouds, the forest is more silver than gray with hints of color that flicker in rebellious light. The trees are cloaked in an encrusted web of thick snow that binds to the needles like cement. Limber trunks and branches bow under the immense pressure of excessive weight but they never break. The dark, frozen woodland always seems to bounce back after the elusive blue skies return. The storm’s dispersal is certain to compose spectacular scenery as the mountain peaks start to jut out of a veil of smoky mist. The warmer

Spirit of Winter - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Spirit of Winter" Colored Pencil This time of year, a never ending cycle of storms sweeps down from the mountains burying the foothills in a frozen tomb. The ice cold essence seeps into your aching bones and the chill doesn’t thaw until late spring. Despite the season’s harshness, the artist is lured into an attempt to capture the mysterious poetry evoked by such an austere landscape. In defiance of the somber setting, a palette of unexpected hues is required to accomplish the task. Interred in eternal snow, a woodland valley is hauntingly diffused with the spirit of winter. Jutting out of the ground, dark menhirs are scattered across the meadow, making the composition’s structure seem monumental. The deserted cabin is evidence of a recurring saga about the struggle between this area’s inhabitants and the environment. A phantom peak, pyramidal in shape, complements the strict geometry of the shelter. The faltering shack is gradually being reclaimed by the land so its

Midwinter Blues - A Sea of Snow

Midwinter Blues It’s midwinter and it won’t stop snowing as Evergreen is experiencing one or two storms every week. During small interludes, warmer weather generates some melting but, overall, the big drifts continue to grow. On clear days, the subzero temps are brutal but the sun’s clean rays infiltrate the forest causing the trees to sparkle. The giant pine cast deep blue shadows that undulate across the wavy surface of the sea of snow. Last summer the lively marshland was brimming with activity as the place is popular with both people and wildlife but now it’s as still as a cemetery. If you can withstand the elements, there is a certain peace that can only be found in such winter haunts. Monolithic Bergen Peak quietly overlooks the grandeur of a frozen landscape paralyzed by the bitter cold. The mountain’s stoic expression reveals a permanence that’s reassuring during these ever-changing times. While buried under feet of white powder, life struggles to survive as the wild anim