Lake Marie - An Arena of Beauty

Lake Marie, Wyoming

Lying north of the border in the state of Wyoming, a graceful wilderness area is known as Medicine Bow. Lake Marie is the elegant centerpiece of this picturesque arrangement of rugged peaks.

It’s late autumn and this normally snowy range is illuminated by an impressionistic palette of purple and orange. The high altitude reservoir of rippling water is sparkling blue on this wind-blown morning.

Draining out of the tarn, a foamy stream cascades over a steep precipice and flows through a constricted gorge. The lower landscape is blanketed by fuzzy patches of dark forest.

The airy realm above is a rocky kingdom composed of sheer cliff-walls that form an imposing backdrop. A steep pathway ascends to the spiny crest where the panoramic views of the tundra are expansive.

During this mild interlude between the seasons, activity comes to a halt and a certain calm pervades the environment. The incredibly quiet ambiance only reinforces the sensations experienced when confronted with extreme remoteness.

Farther up on the flats there’s a stone tower overlooking the intimidating atmosphere where feelings of vulnerability and insignificance are intensified. The final, high pass is a spectacular arena of beauty showcasing raw nature at its finest.

An elegant centerpiece

Late autumn

Sheer cliff-walls

A picturesque arrangement of peaks

Rippling water

A foamy stream

Extreme remoteness

Medicine Bow Wilderness

A constricted gorge

The tundra is expansive

Stone Tower Overlook


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