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Early Spring Evergreen -A Great Blue Evening

Early Spring Evergreen Erected along the grassy shoreline, a statuesque heron hunts discreetly in the evening light. The virtuous, great blue displays extraordinary patience while stalking prey in the muddy shallows. It’s barely spring at Evergreen Lake so there’s not much activity except for an occasional ruckus raised by the red-wings. While I was in the vicinity, I never witnessed the great blue take a stab at anything edible so I hope she wasn’t overly famished. Crumpled under heavy snow for most of the winter, the dusky marshland is slowly creeping back to life. Most of the barren trees are just now starting to sprout buds at the tips of their limber branches. The surrounding mountains are impressive as ever after shedding their white blanket. The ring of high hills creates a sequestered valley enclosing an Edenic landscape bursting with both flora and fauna. Because of the dramatic cloud cover, fading rays of sunshine strike the slopes at unusual angles. The peaks appear