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Prairie Solstice - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Prairie Solstice" Colored Pencil Rising starkly above a sea of dried prairie grass, a pair of megalithic landmarks are backlit by the setting sun. It’s the first day of summer so on this special day the solar disk splits the giant rocks, flooding the atmosphere with yellow light. A long, dark shadow is unfurled across the undulating terrain, reinforcing the permanence of the mysterious landscape. Grazing peacefully, a few horses are the only creatures to bear witness to the incredible ambience associated with this yearly event. Citron luminescence radiates into the sky creating a gradient of color that extends from teal to blue-violet. Modulated by soft shading and broken edges, a web of silky clouds is spun across the crystal-clear firmament. It’s an idyllic vision of a peaceful pastureland set in a remote section of the Great Plains. The reticent countryside of rolling hills is a place where the awesome power of nature is unmasked every day. The landscape, weather