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Cold, Blue Creek - An Extraordinary Wandering

Cold, blue creek It’s brutally frigid on the Arctic plain but a cold, blue creek rushes defiantly through a field of icy florets. Freshly fallen snow has created a deep embankment smoothed over by persistent winds. Providing a warm note, reddish trees are gathered in clusters that are scattered throughout the winter pasture. At 22 degrees below zero, there isn’t another living creature to be seen, making the extraordinary wandering even more memorable. The intense storm has cleared out but even a dazzling sun can’t warm up the cushion of cold air that has filled the void left behind. The stream of transparent indigo flows in a series of sharp s-curves through a vast country of desolation. Life on the prairie is hard. Brutally frigid Deep embankments Icy florets Freshly fallen snow A dazzling sun An indigo stream Cushion of cold air Desolate country Life on the prairie is hard Reddish trees

Red Mountain Range - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Red Mountain Range" Colored Pencil The Red Mountain Range sweeps southward across desolate ranch land where a barren tree sets the scale. It’s sunrise and the blue light has been scattered so crimson is the only color permeating the all-powerful peaks. The snow-covered summits are still mostly in shade but the first highlights melt into a sun-bleached sky.  The rugged chain is architectural in form as the violet shadows delineate the exciting shapes. The remarkable geometry is drawn into the bottom lands where the snowy pastures are divided by horizontal bands of ochre agriculture. The dark foreground is a rough-hewn hedge of tall grass and sagebrush. Visiting this site has inspired an artistic experiment about how best to express the transcendent nature of these mystical mountains. The series has come to an end but I’m not sure a satisfying conclusion has been achieved so further investigation may be required in the future.