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Sheep Lakes - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Sheep Lakes" Colored Pencil Set in a lush meadow, Sheep Lakes is another outstanding locale displaying the surreal beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. Framed by a chain of purple peaks, the pastoral scene is a sight to behold. The thin, mountain air is infused with brilliant light that saturates a natural canvas already painted with pure colors. The small, reflecting pond is like a liquid mirror, reproducing the scene with remarkable precision. Even during summer, a current of cold air flows down through Fall River Canyon and seeps into the horseshoe-shaped park. The cool breeze permeates the pristine landscape and softens edges with a subtle motion-blur. As the region’s most recent glacier retreated, an outwash of braided streams deposited chunks of frozen debris across the valley floor. The ice-mass melted, creating cavities in the earth and when those depressions are filled with water, they’re called kettle lakes. Bighorn Sheep are attracted to this place

Moraine Park - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Moraine Park" Colored Pencil It’s late fall in northern Colorado and the Big Thompson River is a gray waterway meandering through the spacious meadow. An overhang of ochre grasses forms an elegant border that channels the slow-moving stream. At its lowest level this time of year, the cold creek reveals a wide range of fantastically-shaped rocks. The blue forest in the background fringes the gateway of jagged spires and conceals the river's mysterious source. Named Moraine Park, this ancient landscape was formed by mighty glaciers thousands of years ago. Today, the spectacular valley is enclosed by snowy peaks and it’s the centerpiece of Rocky Mountain National Park. Autumn is a favorite time of year as it provides a pleasant distraction while waiting for the cold season to return. In this drawing, the bright colors are gone and the white sky is a ominous indicator of an approaching winter storm.

Above Tree Line - Something Spiritual

Snowy peaks from above tree line Most of the summer was spent grounded in Colorado’s graceful foothills, a vibrant ecosystem bursting with activity. The forest was flush with lots of wildlife while the trails were packed with tons of tourists. Things got considerably lower during a visit to the Pacific Ocean where the crowded West Coast descended to the depths of sea level. There, the sizzling California sun scorched the skin but excess oxygen filled the lungs. Back home, along with the cool, autumn breeze came a yearning to climb into thin air. There’s something spiritual about getting above tree line that opens your heart and clears your mind. You’re released from the stifling clutter of the complicated lowlands and gifted priceless time in a wide open space. It’s a simplified landscape composed from the basic ingredients of earth, rock and sky. It’s a special domain with sparse vegetation and few inhabitants where only the most tenacious survive. The sound of silence is

Laguna Beach - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Laguna Beach" Colored Pencil It’s a warm, summer evening in southern California. The vast, Pacific Ocean is counterbalanced by steep, yellow cliffs that are decorated with a bouquet of complicated foliage. Rolling green waves are washed ashore in a white foam that laps against the rocky beach. The endless sea stretches into infinity, creating an obvious horizon line. Rigid clouds are dispersed casually across the upper part of the composition. They veil the blue sky with an opaque layer of pebbled white pencil. Crowned with a tussled canopy, sinuous palm trees form an intriguing silhouette against the fading light. Hinting at an untouched tropical paradise, the exotic growth is unfamiliar territory. The air is filled with the smell of salt and the sound of squawking sea gulls. As the sun begins to set, there is no doubt that the West Coast experience is a feast for all the senses.

Three Sisters Park - A Diverse Habitat

Three Sisters Open Space Park Three Sisters Park is a diverse habitat featuring rocky crags, lush meadows, secluded forests and bountiful wildlife. The wide open space is nestled below and serves as a prelude to the spectacular Mount Evans Massif. A complicated network of rugged trails is laced throughout the lonesome reserve. There are a couple of deserted cabins that are historical reminders of the hardy souls who first homesteaded this unforgiving area. Winters are especially harsh as high winds continually batter the resilient landscape. Cold temperatures descend into the foothills and a heavy blanket of pure-white snow transforms the scene into a monochrome mountainscape. Spring in this environment is cool and wet which is just perfect for the annual profusion of wild irises. During the oh-so-short summer, mule deer are quite common and seem to be the park’s most popular occupant. Fall is the colorful time of year that revolves around the intense rutting period. Torme