Above Tree Line - Something Spiritual

Snowy peaks from above tree line

Most of the summer was spent grounded in Colorado’s graceful foothills, a vibrant ecosystem bursting with activity. The forest was flush with lots of wildlife while the trails were packed with tons of tourists.

Things got considerably lower during a visit to the Pacific Ocean where the crowded West Coast descended to the depths of sea level. There, the sizzling California sun scorched the skin but excess oxygen filled the lungs.

Back home, along with the cool, autumn breeze came a yearning to climb into thin air. There’s something spiritual about getting above tree line that opens your heart and clears your mind.

You’re released from the stifling clutter of the complicated lowlands and gifted priceless time in a wide open space. It’s a simplified landscape composed from the basic ingredients of earth, rock and sky.

It’s a special domain with sparse vegetation and few inhabitants where only the most tenacious survive. The sound of silence is paired with far-reaching views that expose the hazy curvature of our blue planet.

Emerging from the lodgepole pine into such a unique environment is exhilarating and if you continue to make the solitary trek across remote terrain, you’ll begin to feel like this isolated kingdom is all yours.

A cool, autumn breeze

The yearning to climb into thin air

There's something spiritual above tree line

An escape from the lowlands

Gifted priceless time

Wide open space

Earth, rock and sky

A special domain

Sparse vegetation

Only the most tenacious survive

The sound of silence

Far-reaching views

Breaking tree line is exhilarating

Remote terrain

The kingdom is yours


  1. Thank you for sharing your world with me. It really was a spiritual experience to view these heights. Just what I needed this morning.

    1. Thanks Donna. It was such a busy summer so I wasn't able to do much hiking above tree line. Finally this fall, I've been able to get into the high country. It's a spectacular place.


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