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Midwinter Blues - A Sea of Snow

Midwinter Blues It’s midwinter and it won’t stop snowing as Evergreen is experiencing one or two storms every week. During small interludes, warmer weather generates some melting but, overall, the big drifts continue to grow. On clear days, the subzero temps are brutal but the sun’s clean rays infiltrate the forest causing the trees to sparkle. The giant pine cast deep blue shadows that undulate across the wavy surface of the sea of snow. Last summer the lively marshland was brimming with activity as the place is popular with both people and wildlife but now it’s as still as a cemetery. If you can withstand the elements, there is a certain peace that can only be found in such winter haunts. Monolithic Bergen Peak quietly overlooks the grandeur of a frozen landscape paralyzed by the bitter cold. The mountain’s stoic expression reveals a permanence that’s reassuring during these ever-changing times. While buried under feet of white powder, life struggles to survive as the wild anim

Green Creek Winter - Pioneer Strength

The green creek It’s winter on the Green Creek but there’s not even a dusting of snow to distinguish the dark season. An icy breath circulates through the solemn labyrinth of barren trees that arch across the deep ravine. The stream’s designation is derived from the mossy undergrowth that ordains the water’s vibrant coloring. The little oasis winds through a desolate prairie whose harsh environment leaves unfortunate victims in its wake. The rugged pastureland is littered with historical remnants of more difficult times. The multitude of unearthed artifacts symbolize the strength of the pioneers who still endure this region’s volatile climate. It's winter No snow A green creek The dark season Icy breath An oasis A harsh environment A deep ravine Rugged pastureland Difficult times Mossy undergrowth A labyrinth A volatile climate Arching trees An unfortunate victim Vibrant coloring Desolate prairie Unearthed artifacts Pioneer strength