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Dark Self-Portrait - Colored Pencil

"Dark Self-Portrait" Colored Pencil Composed in a somber shadow of murkiness, the resulting work is a dark self-portrait. A sliver of illumination creates a streak of highlights that defines the firm structure of an antique face. The side sunk in deep shadow is described by a limited palette of gold, orange and dark brown. Soft shading is employed to graduate from one tone to another evoking an aura of still calm. The understated mood and stingy color scheme is inspired by the work of the masters of old. Another experiment in line, form, color and chiaroscuro and less a study in the psychology of the sitter. Thin, wavy hair tops a high forehead that has been wrinkled by time. Searching intensely for the essential features, black eyes are set into deep sockets below a sharp brow ridge. A broad nose casts the darkest shadow that blends seamlessly into the ochre cheek. The stern mouth is delineated by reddish lips that dissolve into a prominent jowl. The pinkish ear is more tran