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Self-Portrait with Green Background - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Self-Portrait with Green Background" Colored Pencil A self-portrait more concerned with the possibilities of line and color and less preoccupied with character and psychology. The picture is merely a sheet of textured paper covered by drawn forms that are filled with pencil pigment. The head’s deep shadow sculpts the rigid structure of the face while an array of golden hues attempts to express a glowing inner-light. The pink nose, ruddy ear and indigo eyes add some allure to the numinous color scheme. Thick strands of dark hair curl across a high forehead while tufts of muted gray are streaked into the sideburn. Accentuating the intense glare, sharp line work represents the many wrinkles and weathered features. The biggest gamble is the verdant background that is quilted from a puzzle of interlocking shapes. The various shades of green contrast strongly with the earthen flesh, creating a vibration between the complementaries. Searching for stability, the intention is not to