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Cult of the Sun - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Cult of the Sun" Colored Pencil Warm, autumnal sunshine permeates the interior of Poudre Canyon, illuminating a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors. The splendid scene is set ablaze with an array of fiery tones that are barely balanced by the rolling, blue river. Sturdy stands of yellow cottonwood brace both sides of the composition as patches of gray-green define their leafy profile. A line of bushes arcs into the middle ground, graduating in size, shape and color where its termination is reflected on the creek’s surface. The rugged shallows are littered with polished stones of slate and orange while some of the bigger boulders, protruding from the deeper channel, create whitewater waves. Across the way, a pile of rubble cascades down to the far shoreline. The steep slope is covered by an astonishing blanket of interwoven flecks of pure color that are blended by the observer’s eye. Clinging to this incredible hillside tapestry are scattered clusters of burning brush and roc