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Snowy Sangre de Cristos - Someplace I'd Rather Be

Snowy Sangre de Cristos As the setting, winter sun makes its swift descent, the snowy Sangre de Cristos shimmer like a smokey, blue mirage. The peaks’ jagged silhouette is traced by a glowing contour, exaggerating the mountains’ awesome size and power. Scattered throughout the Wet Mountain Valley, abandoned homesteads offer sentimental value to the romantic, western landscape. Reinforcing the peaceful ambiance, horses graze happily in their pastures of paradise. Don’t be frightened by the mountains’ harsh nature and rugged features but let their irresistible magnetism draw you in. While navigating through the inevitable turmoil of a busy life, I catch myself reminiscing about these incredible crags and how they’re someplace I’d rather be. Sangre de Cristo Range Incredible crags Sentimental value Someplace I'd rather be Awesome size and power A jagged silhouette Rugged features Peaceful ambiance A blue mirage An abandoned homestead Grazing horses Wet Mountain Valley

Big, Big Snow - The Gray Season

Big, big snow It’s the middle of March and nature has not unexpectedly unleashed a furious blizzard that has buried the foothills with big, big snow. A sparkling Bergen Peak overlooks the aftermath from its lofty position. The pyramid-shaped monolith dominates the landscape and becomes the center of interest in the Cezannesque composition. The pine trees are completely wrapped in cloaks of heavy, wet snow that cling to the conifers like glue. Shot from a different perspective, the peaks portrait is enhanced by a unique border of branches and laurel. The mostly monochrome mountains are quite dramatic but after a season of gray, I’m anxious to experience the first colors of a much needed spring. Middle of March A furious blizzard Bergen overlooks the aftermath Pine trees are wrapped in snow Bergen Peak dominates the landscape Buried in snow Anxious for Spring Season of gray A Cezannesque landscape