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Mountain Bluebird - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Mountain Bluebird" Colored Pencil One of the first songbirds to return to our alpine meadows each spring, the mountain bluebird is a fleck of dazzling color in the drab March landscape. Watching from a tree stump at the edge of an open woodland, sharp black eyes scour the short grasses for insects and spiders. This sit-and-wait technique is called drop-hunting. Once it pinpoints a meal, the bluebird drops to the ground and captures its prey with its bill. Unlike eastern and western bluebirds that require a perch, mountain bluebirds have developed the ability to hover in mid-air while hunting for food. This allows them to live in areas with sparse trees or shrubs. Bluebird populations have declined drastically during the last century for several reasons such as urban sprawl, removal of dead trees, vinyl and metal fencing, and the introduction of aggressive European starlings and house sparrows into the U.S. The biggest challenge facing bluebirds is finding a suitable n

Steve Canyon - A Forgotten American Hero

Steve Canyon is an American Hero Born in New York, quarried in Indiana, and erected in Colorado, there is a forgotten monument to honor a chiseled war veteran who captured the imagination of our country 63 years ago. On the corner of Miner Street and Colorado Boulevard, one of the greatest action heroes of all-time stands guard over the sleepy mountain town of Idaho Springs. Steve Canyon was an unflappable adventurer with a kind heart who was the star character of a long running comic strip created, written and illustrated by Milton Caniff. The daily adventure series ran from January 13, 1947 until June 4, 1988. With its fast-paced story-lines and superb artwork, the strip was extremely popular. Idaho Springs is nestled in a steep canyon along the banks of Clear Creek. Founded during the gold rush, the cheerful, little town used to celebrate its gold-mining history with an annual festival. When the Depression and World War II dampened the nation's mood, the event was discont

A Dinosaur Highway Through Morrison, Colorado

Allosaur skull Down near the entrance into Bear Creek Canyon a prominent landmark rises above historic Morrison, Colorado. Locals call it The Hogback but Paleontologists have named it Dinosaur Ridge because it's one of the most fossil rich locations on Earth. In 1877, some of the best known dinosaurs from the late Jurassic period were discovered there, including Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus. Later, in 1937, when Alameda Parkway was being constructed to provide access to Red Rocks Park, workers found hundreds of preserved, dinosaur footprints on the east side of the mountain. Scientists believe migrating Iguanadon and carnivorous theropods made the impressions about 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. We were unable to examine the dig sites due to poor weather but we did unearth a wonderful, little place just south of downtown Morrison. The Morrison Natural History Museum is a tiny facility that houses some tremendous exhibits. Most of

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

Reflections I spent the month of April consumed by the A to Z Challenge. After thirty days of photo processing, researching, writing and commenting, I'm tired. Don't get me wrong, it was fun and I learned so much from the experience. I also met a lot of talented, creative people and have become truly inspired by several of the sites I discovered. I want to thank some of the participants who supported me the most: Courtney Turner Maui Jungalow A blog about rural and upcountry Maui, not the tourist bureau's version. Bugs, geckos, roads, gardening, housing and current issues. Rinelle Grey Otherworldly Romances Different worlds, different rules, different lives, but love remains the same. Author of sci-fi and fantasy romances. John Wiswell The Bathroom Monologues Something you don't see every day. Updated daily. Author of things inspiring, funny or disturbing. Sometimes all three. Barbara Chicaderock CHICADEROCK From a tiny village in Galicia, NW Spain.