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Touch the Clouds - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Touch the Clouds" Colored Pencil An arching vault of powder-blue sky is reflected below on the surface of Evergreen Lake. The behemoth mountain known as Bergen Peak towers above, straining with all its might to touch the clouds. The pyramidal-shaped summit pierces the atmosphere but the ambitious endeavor falls far short of the billowy cluster of vapor. Magically linking heaven and earth, the wispy cloud floats overhead as its transient contour traces the shape of the mountain ridge. The solemn landscape delivers a spiritual message basking in the supernatural glow of divine light. The elements are conjured with mysterious edges that are softened by the vibrations generated from a kaleidoscope of stippled colors. The lower foothills are arranged in a simple pattern described by descending layers of woven color that cascade down to the water’s edge. Glittering white waves are represented by milky tones that are scrubbed softly across the reservoir’s textured surface.