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Petroglyphs - Remarkable Artwork

Petroglyphs near Moab, Utah Near the town of Moab, Utah if you keep your eyes open, you might see rock art carved by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. The most conspicuous sites are where the symbols are carved out of dark rock panels revealing light-colored graphics. As opposed to painted Pictographs, Petroglyphs are scratched or incised into the brown, desert varnish. The abstract images are exceptionally concise but that simplicity is what evokes such a powerfully honest expression. The meaning behind these mesmerizing works is not exactly known but the artists who created them must have been revered for their magical powers. It is an extraordinary thing to be in the desert hiking through a remote arroyo and stumble upon an ancient gallery of remarkable artwork. Rock art Symbols carved out of dark rock Scratched into the desert varnish Mesmerizing works Light-colored graphics Abstract images An extraordinary thing Exceptionally concise An honest expression Remarkable artwork

Mountain Storm - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Mountain Storm" Colored Pencil It’s an early winter morning and a mountain storm is funneled by a string of ghostly peaks into a remote river valley. It’s the first big tempest of the season so it won’t be long before the view vanishes behind a squall of heavy snow. Trickling through a maze of wine-colored willow-brush, the lazy river is oblivious to the deteriorating weather conditions. The black shrubs anchor the foreground into place and bookend the wide value range this landscape displays. Illuminated in a murky ambiance, this vista is characterized by soft edges and subtle gradations, requiring a soft touch to reproduce. More realistic than my recent pieces, this drawing still retains a certain romanticism with life in the West.

Dead Horse Point - Edge of the World

Dead Horse Point, Utah Soaring above the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point is a photographers paradise featuring sublime subject matter. While hiking along the rim’s irregular contour during the evening, the violet shadows shift restlessly across the staggered buttes. The day’s last sunlight is filtered through a veil of thin clouds, creating dramatic conditions that are infused into the intricate pattern of wild escarpments. The vast expanse weaves luminance, color and form into a bountiful vista of visual delight, overloading the senses. Deeper into dusk, things become more simple and obscure as the distinct shapes lose their edges and melt into a blue atmosphere. I’m not exactly sure how this place got its startling name but I do know that while occupying a remote overlook on the point, it feels like your standing at the edge of the world. A photographer's paradise Violet shadows Wild escarpments Last light Bountiful vista Visual delight A blue atm

Evergreen Summer - Emerging From a Frozen Darkness

Evergreen Summer After enduring one of the coldest and snowiest spring seasons on record, it’s only natural that the start of this summer has been cool and wet. The continuous monsoon has been somewhat of a blessing as the parched foothills have suffered from a terrible drought that has lasted for several years. Streaming down from snow packed summits, Bear Creek is running high and fast as it has filled Evergreen Lake to the brim. There isn’t a more picturesque place in the state when the reservoir is permeated by a mixture of drizzled moisture, breaking clouds and fading light. When not shrouded in mist, Bergen Peak glistens with a sheen of fresh color that seems to give the mountain a supernatural glow. Thriving from the rainy weather, the lush, green meadows have experienced a profusion of wildflowers, songbirds and hungry elk. Finally emerging from a frozen darkness, the Renaissance of good fortune has transformed the landscape into a lively ecosystem. One of the things I ad