Dead Horse Point - Edge of the World

Dead Horse Point, Utah

Soaring above the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point is a photographers paradise featuring sublime subject matter. While hiking along the rim’s irregular contour during the evening, the violet shadows shift restlessly across the staggered buttes.

The day’s last sunlight is filtered through a veil of thin clouds, creating dramatic conditions that are infused into the intricate pattern of wild escarpments. The vast expanse weaves luminance, color and form into a bountiful vista of visual delight, overloading the senses.

Deeper into dusk, things become more simple and obscure as the distinct shapes lose their edges and melt into a blue atmosphere. I’m not exactly sure how this place got its startling name but I do know that while occupying a remote overlook on the point, it feels like your standing at the edge of the world.

A photographer's paradise

Violet shadows

Wild escarpments

Last light

Bountiful vista

Visual delight

A blue atmosphere

Dramatic conditions

Vast expanse

Edge of the world


  1. Its my 1st check here Dan and love what i see!!

    1. Thanks so much. I've been blogging about art and life in the mountains for several years now. It is a therapeutic endeavor for me.

    2. Looking forward to see u back on Twitter as u're missed there! I know i do..


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