Evergreen Summer - Emerging From a Frozen Darkness

Evergreen Summer

After enduring one of the coldest and snowiest spring seasons on record, it’s only natural that the start of this summer has been cool and wet. The continuous monsoon has been somewhat of a blessing as the parched foothills have suffered from a terrible drought that has lasted for several years.

Streaming down from snow packed summits, Bear Creek is running high and fast as it has filled Evergreen Lake to the brim. There isn’t a more picturesque place in the state when the reservoir is permeated by a mixture of drizzled moisture, breaking clouds and fading light.

When not shrouded in mist, Bergen Peak glistens with a sheen of fresh color that seems to give the mountain a supernatural glow. Thriving from the rainy weather, the lush, green meadows have experienced a profusion of wildflowers, songbirds and hungry elk.

Finally emerging from a frozen darkness, the Renaissance of good fortune has transformed the landscape into a lively ecosystem. One of the things I admire most about nature is the plant and animals’ ability to unflinchingly adapt to constant change.

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Emerging from darkness

The monsoon has been a blessing

A supernatural glow

Animals adapt to change

A picturesque place

Bergen Peak glistens

It has been cool and wet

Lively ecosystem

Good fortune


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