Petroglyphs - Remarkable Artwork

Petroglyphs near Moab, Utah

Near the town of Moab, Utah if you keep your eyes open, you might see rock art carved by Native Americans hundreds of years ago. The most conspicuous sites are where the symbols are carved out of dark rock panels revealing light-colored graphics.

As opposed to painted Pictographs, Petroglyphs are scratched or incised into the brown, desert varnish. The abstract images are exceptionally concise but that simplicity is what evokes such a powerfully honest expression.

The meaning behind these mesmerizing works is not exactly known but the artists who created them must have been revered for their magical powers. It is an extraordinary thing to be in the desert hiking through a remote arroyo and stumble upon an ancient gallery of remarkable artwork.

Rock art

Symbols carved out of dark rock

Scratched into the desert varnish

Mesmerizing works

Light-colored graphics

Abstract images

An extraordinary thing

Exceptionally concise

An honest expression

Remarkable artwork


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