Three Sisters Park - A Diverse Habitat

Three Sisters Open Space Park

Three Sisters Park is a diverse habitat featuring rocky crags, lush meadows, secluded forests and bountiful wildlife. The wide open space is nestled below and serves as a prelude to the spectacular Mount Evans Massif.

A complicated network of rugged trails is laced throughout the lonesome reserve. There are a couple of deserted cabins that are historical reminders of the hardy souls who first homesteaded this unforgiving area.

Winters are especially harsh as high winds continually batter the resilient landscape. Cold temperatures descend into the foothills and a heavy blanket of pure-white snow transforms the scene into a monochrome mountainscape.

Spring in this environment is cool and wet which is just perfect for the annual profusion of wild irises. During the oh-so-short summer, mule deer are quite common and seem to be the park’s most popular occupant.

Fall is the colorful time of year that revolves around the intense rutting period. Tormented with a nasty temper triggered by shorter daylengths, the Rocky Mountain elk are intimidating beasts that dominate the local animal kingdom.

Autumn is the ultimate transitional spell as all creatures great and small prepare for the difficulties that lie ahead. A last bit of light radiates from the small pockets of aspen gold before the sudden descent into our season of darkness.

The Three Sisters are rocky crags

Lush meadows

Secluded forests

Bountiful wildlife

A prelude to Mount Evans

A network of rugged trails

A historical reminder

Winters are especially harsh

Blanketed with snow

A monochrome mountainscape

Wild Irises

Mule Deer are common

The elk are intimidating

A small pocket of aspen

Our season of darkness


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    1. Thanks so much. It's someplace I really enjoy hiking. The area is beautiful during all of the seasons.

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    1. Thanks so much. I always enjoy my time spent visiting this park.


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