Sheep Lakes - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Sheep Lakes" Colored Pencil

Set in a lush meadow, Sheep Lakes is another outstanding locale displaying the surreal beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. Framed by a chain of purple peaks, the pastoral scene is a sight to behold.

The thin, mountain air is infused with brilliant light that saturates a natural canvas already painted with pure colors. The small, reflecting pond is like a liquid mirror, reproducing the scene with remarkable precision.

Even during summer, a current of cold air flows down through Fall River Canyon and seeps into the horseshoe-shaped park. The cool breeze permeates the pristine landscape and softens edges with a subtle motion-blur.

As the region’s most recent glacier retreated, an outwash of braided streams deposited chunks of frozen debris across the valley floor. The ice-mass melted, creating cavities in the earth and when those depressions are filled with water, they’re called kettle lakes.

Bighorn Sheep are attracted to this place because of the salt deposits still found in the ground. Every summer they descend from the remote Mummy Range in order to graze and eat soil, obtaining minerals that are unavailable in their high mountain habitat.


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    1. Thanks Claudine! It's a real pretty place up in Rocky Mountain National Park.


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