San Antonio Riverwalk - A Historic Oasis

San Antonio Riverwalk

Summer in south Texas is sweltering but if your looking for respite from the brutal heat, the Riverwalk in San Antonio is a historic oasis. The vibrant town center is a melting pot of diverse history, culture and cuisine.

Man-made canals branch off from the main stream creating a labyrinth of narrow passageways that circulate through the district. Picturesque bridges built in creative shapes and sizes span the water at convenient intervals.

Situated below street level, the tributary flows past shops, restaurants and galleries, offering something for everyone. Statues stand above gardens of exotic flora, filling alcoves that appear at every bend.

Steamy mornings on the path are bathed in hazy light and the creek, reflecting the surrounding foliage, is colored green. As the day warms up, the search for shade begins so the buildings’ shadows become comfortable breezeways.

The architecture encompassing the area is a curious blend of old and new as glittering superstructures are interspersed with antique churches and cabins. The most fascinating of these being the Alamo, an undisputed icon of the American frontier.

The somber evenings gradually get more lively after dark when revelers party well into the night. Even at this late hour, a trail of ambient lighting leads the weary tourists through alleyways back to their rooms.

The arduous journey through some of the most remote territory in the United States was worth the effort in order to reach such a unique destination. The activities and excursions enjoyed during a visit to the Lone Star Republic will always be remembered.

A historic oasis

Statue of San Antonio

Morning on the path

Hazy light

Somber evenings

Small churches

Exotic flora

Modern architecture

Below street level

Water reflects the green foliage

Picturesque bridges

Texas will always be remembered


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