Elk Meadow - Blue is Beautiful

Pine tree shadows at Elk Meadow

Last Saturday, sloshing through Elk Meadow was an enlightening experience. While breaking trail below Bergen Peak, the winter landscape was presented as an airy palette of pastels.

A dark note set within a sea of snow, an old barn drew the photographer's attention. Built back in the 1800s, the faithful stable has become a scenic symbol for the town's steadfast spirit.

Streaming down from above, a ribbon of icy indigo produced a gentle cascade. Up at the overlook, a cluster of ponderosa pine created cobalt shadows that followed the field's wavy contours.

Still too early for birds to be back, our only companion in the white wilderness was a clever coyote. After a gloomy week of miserable weather, an exuberant sky was sprinkled with powder blue.

Wandering through the mountains warmed our hearts and melted the melancholy. Despite this dreary time being filled with snow and cold, don't be downcast. Look at the bright side, at least blue is beautiful.

Sloshing through Elk Meadow

An airy palette of pastels

The old barn

A scenic symbol

A ribbon of icy indigo

A clever coyote

A gloomy week of weather

An exuberant sky

Blue is beautiful


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