Clearing Storm - Fleeting Utopia

A fleeting utopia

The morning after our first snow and the clearing storm revealed an absolutely pristine landscape. Glittering in the soft light, a pair of ponderosa pine were glazed with fresh, white powder, creating a pointillistic effect.

The gathering of dense clouds dispersed, unveiling a cold mountain that was frosted from field to summit. Gradually the white peak came into focus, crowning the autumn landscape with a staggering beauty that can only be witnessed this time of year.

Sprawling below a new-blue sky, snow-spackled trees were scattered across an orange grassland. The slow-moving system had finally dispersed leaving the colorful landscape in a state of fleeting utopia.

A pristine landscape

A pair of ponderosa pine

Unveiling a cold mountain

A staggering beauty

Snow-spackled trees

A colorful landscape


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