Snowstorm at the Lake - A Scintillating Prelude

Snowstorm at the lake

It was an awesome autumn morning last Sunday as the storm packed a final punch and piled six inches of snow at Evergreen Lake. Giant flakes rained down from the firmament erasing the normally distinctive mountain backdrop.

Too early for winter’s unyielding chill, the water was still fluid and leaves still firmly attached. The ochre marshland wilted under pressure from heavy accumulation, sending songbirds to seek shelter beneath the boardwalk.

Despite gray weather, the dark reservoir was painted with rigid reflections that decorated the smooth surface. After such a scintillating prelude to the somber season, the slow moving storm suddenly cleared leaving behind a pristine landscape.

Awesome autumn morning

Giant flakes rained down

Leaves were firmly attached

An ochre marshland

A dark reservoir

A pristine landscape


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