First Snow - A Soft-Spoken Storm

First Snow

On an early October morn, the first snow in the golden foothills could only be described in a soft monochrome. Rooted into a rocky hillside, an elegant forest of lodgepole pine was distinguished by a silvery tone.

The soft-spoken storm snuck onto the scene and enveloped our area with dreary weather for quite some time. At the beginning, most of the moisture mixed with warm air and soaked into the parched ground.

After dark when the temperatures went down, a couple of inches of wet snow accumulated on the grass, bushes and branches. By the next day, the meadow was glistening with termination dust in a picture reminiscent of winter.

A soft monochrome

An elegant forest

Dreary weather

The parched ground was soaked

Snow on the grass and bushes

Reminiscent of winter


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