The Awesome Walrus - Search for the Golden Fish

The Awesome Walrus

Guest post by Theo Miller

It was the frosty winter of 2006 and snow was falling from the Northeast. A sudden flash of light came from behind me, then everything went black. When I awoke, I thought I was back home, but there was no wind, frost or even snow on the ground. When I turned around, I realized what happened to the snow...

There was a 25 foot tall, glass window and people were watching me. There were little kids, old kids, smelly kids and teenagers taunting me. The parents were on their phones not aware that kids were dangling themselves over the wall, almost falling into my habitat. It looked like I was going to have the same day for the rest of my life.

One day a child got pushed into my enclosure. I brought him to the glass wall and showed his mom. I climbed a rock and gave him to his mother. That was the right thing to do until I realized I was out of my pen. Now the chase was on!

The Zoo Crew chased me to the San Diego beach. I used my swimming ability and swam hundreds of miles back to the Artic. There, I rejoined my herd and told them about my adventure. I told them it was frustrating but fun. I announced to them that it was so fun, I was going to swim to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I would search for the Golden Fish that would feed the herd for many years. They let me go on my adventure and wished me luck.

Note: This week's post featured a guest writer, my 11 year old son, Theo. There is a curious tradition of modern artists studying children's art. Their work contains a certain, naive charm. Kids don't know the rules so they express themselves more freely. A "Child's Spirit" is almost impossible to recapture once you reach your mature style. I have two young boys and their sudden, creative outbursts are fascinating. I discovered Theo's story in a stack of papers and thought it would be fun to share.


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