Great Blue Heron - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Great Blue Heron" Colored Pencil

Near the edge of a small pond, a Great Blue Heron remains motionless. It waits patiently for a chance to strike at its unsuspecting prey. I was excited to discover this large bird spear-fishing at Buchanan Ponds. It was like meeting up with an old, familiar friend. As a kid living in Western Nebraska the Great Blue was a common sight during our excursions on the North Platte River. If we interrupted its hunting foray, the irritated bird would let out a loud croak and then fly away to a more secluded area.

This large heron’s plummage is an elegant blue-gray. Indigo and ultramarine accents on the back and wings glisten in the summer sun. The long, sinuous neck is slightly reddish and a beautiful white stripe is flecked with a black pattern. A white head is capped with deep blue and the bright yellow eyes have a dark outline. The sharp, yellow bill is a lethal weapon.

Although the Great Blue Heron is common in North America, I didn’t realize their range extended so high into the mountains. I guess it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise because the local wetlands are a perfect natural habitat. I’ve noticed this bird hunting in small ponds and wading around Evergreen Lake. I’ve also seen them flying gracefully above Bear Creek.


  1. Hello, Dan. Nice to meet you on Twitter. I live in South Florida, and my home backs onto a small lake. I see many tropical birds here, and in particular, the Great Blue Heron. I also see the Tri-Color Heron as well; although, he comes around much less that his blue cousin. They are magnificent, aren't they? We are certainly lucky that we can see them "in the wild."

    1. They are beautiful birds that are fun to draw because of the various blue tones. I enjoy watching them hunt at the lake here in Evergreen.


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