Finding Bigfoot in Bailey, Colorado

The Castle
In September, the cast and crew of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot television series visited nearby Bailey, Colorado. One of our favorite shows, its a documentary that follows four Bigfoot researchers across the country in their quest to prove that the elusive creature exists. They were in town to investigate recent encounters in our area and interview local eyewitnesses. The Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) is certain that Sasquatch survives in Colorado. Pike National Forest just south of here is considered the perfect habitat. It's a remote wilderness that's heavily forested with lots of water and a stable elk and deer population.

Bigfoot expert Keith Foster explains the situation here in Colorado. "Trying to find a Sasquatch in a forest is like trying to find a highly trained sniper who wants to hide in that forest, nearly impossible. Essentially, a Sasquatch is like a very stealthy puma with reasoning powers that may dwarf the reasoning power of a chimpanzee. Sasquatch are ideally suited for the night, the deep forest, cold weather, and a lonely existence - whereas man is suited for the warmth of day, open places, and a gregarious existence. Man and Sasquatch, though similar in form, are nearly complete opposites in regards to ecological niche. I think that is interesting and even perhaps enlightening. There is an environmental and historical niche available for just such a creature, and if it is not filled by a species we now call Sasquatch in North America, it should have been filled by nature at some point in Earth's past. Even if all the sightings are false, the physical evidence of the tracks indicates that just such a creature still walks the earth."

The Finding Bigfoot Colorado episode was shown a few weeks ago and featured previously unaired footage of a possible Bigfoot filmed in the Lost Creek Wilderness Area in 1963. After seeing the video, it became obvious that we had to conduct our own investigation. So off we went to a remote, icy lake about 12 miles south of Bailey, right into the heart of Bigfoot territory. We chose to go that direction after learning about some unique sightings in the area. The Sasquatch seen lurking near The Castle, a prominent rocky outcrop, reportedly has white fur. The so called "snowshoe hare theory" maintains that Bigfoot may be brown-colored during the summer when roaming in the high mountains but just before winter, as it migrates down to lower elevations, the furry coat changes to white. The hue alteration provides an ideal camouflage for such a secretive animal. A strategy also employed by the reticent Himalayan Yeti.

To reach The Castle, we trudged through wet snow and ascended a slippery, frozen waterfall. It was eerily quiet as we progressed deeper into the dark forest. At the base of the jagged peak, the environment appeared to be fairly squatchy so we cautiously examined the entire location. Our extensive search for clues failed to uncover any definitive evidence, not even a footprint in the snow. We tried making calls and wood knocks in an attempt to pry Sasquatch from his daytime nest but also no luck. Somehow, the giant, white ghost had managed to elude us.

Despite the disappointment of not capturing a glimpse of Bigfoot, the daytime search was an exciting adventure. We definitely want to come back again and attempt a nighttime exploration because that's when the creature seems to be most active. It was getting dark by the time we reached our car for the journey home. The rugged, dirt road that led us back to civilization weaved its way through dense woodlands. During the drive back, my ever hopeful, seven-year-old son was convinced he saw Bigfoot up on the ridge ripping aspen trees out of the ground. He doesn't think anyone believes him, but I believe you Lukas. I believe.

Bigfoot may be lurking somewhere in this remote wilderness

The slippery, frozen waterfall

We were unable to pry Sasquatch from his den

The environment was extremely squatchy

The Finding Bigfoot Team - Cliff, Ranae, Bobo and Matt


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