Lake Haiyaha - Balance and Harmony

Lake Haiyaha is a jewel

Lively Haiyaha is a beautiful, lush lake radiating an elegance that enriches our sense of well being, balance and harmony. It's a dazzling emerald set in the heart of a chaotic canyon. It's a rocky sanctuary far removed from the stress of a busy life.

Nature lovers who are persistent enough to endure an uplifting trek will be rejuvenated by the calm setting. Water, rocks and trees form a harmonious landscape that nurtures a perfect equilibrium between the head and the heart.

Giant boulders encompass a clear pool of optimism that inspires hope and a generous spirit. Lonely Haiyaha, don't be envious of your popular neighbors - Bear, Nymph and Dream. Stay positive. I know it ain't easy being green.

It's an uplifting trek

It's a calm setting

A dazzling emerald

A beautiful, lush lake

Radiating elegance

It's a rocky sanctuary

A clear pool of optimism

Chaos Canyon

Neighboring lakes are more popular

It aint easy being green


  1. Amazing photos from another amazing spot! Beautiful Dan!

    1. Thanks Judi, it was another fun hike. Everything was very green, especially the water. A dazzling emerald green.

  2. Beautiful, makes me want to go on a hike...then I remember my arthritis and guess I'll enjoy your pictures.

    They Call it Mellow Yellow

    1. Thank you Sandy, it's a great place to visit in the summer. I'm sorry to hear about your arthritis, I know it's tough. It makes me feel good knowing that you enjoy my pictures.


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