Christmas Time in the Rockies - Let it Snow

It's been frightfully cold in Evergreen

The wind won't stop howling,
the forest is cloaked in a mysterious light.
Somber foothills are set against,
majestic mountains of a ghostly white.

The weather in Evergeen can be scary,
that's what makes the seasons such a treat.
Especially the summers,
they're oh-so-sweet.

This December,
it's been frightfully cold.
Just look at the thermometer,
it says eighteen below.

The gusts blowing down through the meadow,
will make your bones ache.
Under gray clouds drifting,
old boots blaze a trail to the frozen lake.

Up here,
you learn to live with extreme weather.
The summers are short,
persistent winters seem to last forever.

Don't be afraid,
artistic storms paint with a thick impasto.
It's Christmas time in the Rockies,
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Painted with a thick impasto

Winters seem to last forever

Weather in Evergreen is unique

The wind is bone-chilling

The temperature was eighteen below

The forest is veiled in mysterious light

The mountains are ghostly white

Christmas time in the Rockies

Let it snow


  1. A mere 18 below? That's normal December nighttime temperatures, here.

    1. I know, but for us Evergreeners down here in the banana belt we got a little chilly. We're not as tough as you Alaskans. 50 Below! That's unreal. North Pole, Alaska must be an amazing place.

  2. It looks very Christmasy there in Evergreen Dan - 18 below is very chilly for us here in New England!

    1. It's very pretty here when it snows. It just usually doesn't get that cold for that long. 2013 has been a crazy weather year for us. Hopefully, things will settle down in 2014.


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