The Red Bridge - Colored Pencil Drawing

"The Red Bridge" Colored Pencil

An organic landscape is reorganized by geometric structure. The pages are shuffled producing a book filled with memories and bound by imagination. Billowy clouds in a dramatic sky oversee pointed peaks and a rush of rolling hills. At the forest's edge, a reflective pond is a watery mirror that flows with symmetry. The red bridge is a powerful link between an uncultivated landscape and urban sprawl.

The deep chasm between primitivism and sophistication is bridged by a scarlet structure. Energetic vehicles traverse the vermillion viaduct in an attempt to reconcile weary travelers with their cozy nests. Distressed souls are transported from an urban Tartarus over Troublesome Gulch and into the beautiful Elysian Fields.

The overpass is a garnet gateway to a mountain meadow where the favored enjoy perfect bliss. It's a terrestrial paradise that offers a pleasant retreat from the pressures of modern civilization. The divine abode has soft green grass, purple flowers, golden aspen groves, cool life-giving air, and everyone is happy and peaceful. It must be Heaven on earth and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.


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