Trout Lake - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Trout Lake" Colored Pencil

On a dreary Sunday below Lizard Head Pass, Mother Nature delivered an unforgettable sermon from the mount. It was springtime in the San Juans where steady showers epitomize the wet monsoon. A turbulent squall washed the landscape clean, unveiling a patina of saturated colors.

Frugal guardians of precious metal, the sullen peaks were disheveled in appearance. The fluid coloring was a reflection of the vibrant fish submerged in the dark lake below. Rainbow, brown and cutthroat suddenly emerged to celebrate the rainy season in an exuberant, aerial display.

This place was gouged by the railroad ages ago, linking local mines with material wealth. Today, the ground is more spiritual as the tranquil landscape stretches toward more heavenly treasures. Now quiet and still, the storm has passed so why are you still afraid? Do you still have no faith?


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