Antelope Island - A Paragon of Uniqueness

Antelope Island's Frary Peak

In a state known for its unusual landscape, Utah's Antelope Island is an underrated paragon of uniqueness. Surrounded by a shallow sea of salt, the parched ground is a desert isle hydrated by a few freshwater springs. From the highlands, a panorama of natural scenic beauty is described by prominent peaks, points and bays.

Historically, explorers John Fremont and Kit Carson are credited with discovering the extraordinary environment in 1845. For the next 100 years, domesticated animals were restrained by a seaside ranch. Today, all creatures are allowed to move freely in safe seclusion from the busy mainland.

A curious causeway connects the wildlife watcher with a prairie paradise where buffalo roam and antelope play. Bighorn sheep scramble across the island's mountainous spine of ancient rock while down at the shore, wandering waterfowl feast on a buffet of brine shrimp.

After a full day of sand, surf and turf, the light doesn't last. As we head back towards the Wasatch Mountains under a setting sun, the surreal scene fades away like a murky mirage. Doubts begin to cloud a weary mind, was that place for real or just a dream?

Surrounded by a shallow sea of salt

A desert isle

Buffalo Point trail

Natural scenic beauty

Bison move freely on the island

A prairie paradise

A place where buffalo roam

and antelope play

The island is composed from ancient rock

Evening light on the island

Back towards the Wasatch Mountains


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