Maroon Bells Spring - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Maroon Bells" Colored Pencil

Years ago after a heartbreaking winter, all hope was lost. The apathetic winds and embittered cold were just more salt in the wound. Unable to recover, an excursion to the medicinal Maroon Bells offered rebirth. The mountain refuge promised restfulness, remedy and reinvigoration.

Springtime in the Rockies is so pretty. Nothing in nature can match its perfection. After a dreary dark-season, the longer luminance sparks a renaissance of optimism, light and life. Decorated with patterns of pure green, the entire landscape is laid out with unabashed affection.

The muddy path to Maroon Lake is an uplifting pilgrimage to Colorado's scenic paragon. The regenerative powers of such an enchanting place is simply undeniable. It's outlet blocked by broken branches, the deep-blue lagoon is bordered by grassy banks and bushes.

Commanding the composition, the rugged, purple peaks are serrated with wedges of white snow. Yellow wildflowers dot the foreground while rock-solid clouds are structured in the sky above. Across the way, a dark, pine fortress stands over a slide of pink rubble.

Often criticized for its naive draughtsmanship and unnatural color blending, this piece was not manufactured as a window into reality. This drawing is an honest expression that's meant to convey true feelings conceived in the heart.


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