Gore Range Twilight - A Heavenly Glow

The impressive Gore Range

North out of Silverthorne on a late fall evening, I made a desperate rush up Ute Pass Road to beat the fading light. Backlit by the setting sun, the blue mountains were outlined with a heavenly glow.

From an elevated plateau on the other side of the valley, the steepness of the rugged range appeared exaggerated. Positioned at such a high vantage point, the horizon looked like shark's teeth.

The jagged Gore Range had shattered the Colorado sky. Shooting across the panorama of pretty peaks, I was able to snap several pictures but as darkness devoured the landscape, a shaky hand forced me back down the hill.

Below on the Blue River, the silvery summits had disappeared. Stretched out across the contours of undulating hills, only dark shadows betrayed the mysterious behemoths looming above.

Blue mountains were backlit

A heavenly glow

An elevated plateau

Other side of the valley

The peaks are extremely steep

Shark's teeth

The rugged Gore Range

The sky was shattered

Darkness began to devour the landscape

Silvery summits

Mysterious behemoths


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