Elk Meadow - A Melancholy Mood

Elk Meadow twilight

“Here comes the rain again. Falling on my head like a memory.” ~ Annie Lennox

Since it has rained almost every day, this spring has supplied us with a silent calm before the sunny season explodes with activity. Currently composed from an everlasting arrangement of cool coloration, the meadow is in a melancholy mood.

There’s not even a peep from the ruckus normally raised by the usual profusion of feathered friends. Under a watercolor sky, the only sign of life in this interesting landscape is a scattering of mule deer.

Marching up the muddy trails in such tranquility is like sleepwalking into an eerie atmosphere. During the storms, dense fog descends from a steel sky and a veil of steamy mist rises out of the soggy earth.

This season, being immersed in the dark beauty of low light is like waking from a fading dream. Enjoy it because a sizzling summer will begin soon and the rain will be just a hazy memory recalled by the fragrance of abundant wildflowers.

It's rained almost every day

A melancholy mood

A watercolor sky

A scattering of mule deer

An eerie atmosphere

Another storm over the meadow

A veil of fog and mist

The earth is soggy

Dark beauty of low light

The rain will be a memory

Abundant wildflowers


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