Evergreen Mountain - An Inconspicuous Incline

Evergreen Mountain Summit

Evergreen Mountain is an inconspicuous incline cloaked by a dark forest of lodgepole pine. The secluded trail to the top provides plenty of squirrels, shade and solitude.

Without a soul to be seen, a series of steep switchbacks climbs a rocky spine to the crest. Surrounded by a variety of big, blue peaks, the scenery from the summit is sublime.

The open-air overlook offers an array of unobstructed views. Spectacular Mount Evans Wilderness unfolds to west where it’s bookended by Bergen Peak and Black Mountain.

Energized by a bit of rest, the easy descent flies by as fast as the sunny season. Before long, we’re back down at the bottom where summer is over and so it begins.

An inconspicuous incline

A secluded trail

Plenty of squirrels

Steep switchbacks

Surrounded by peaks

The summit is sublime

An open-air overlook

Spectacular Mount Evans Wilderness

Bookended by Black Mountain

Summer is over

So it begins


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