Mule Deer - A Curious Creature

Curious Mule Deer

On a wintery afternoon, a hardy visitor unexpectedly appeared out of the mist. A young mule deer buck was out in the meadow foraging for the most nutritious food source available.

Munching on mostly shrubs, twigs and tree branches, our famished friend displayed an enormous appetite. On just such a diet, the disheveled deer had managed to survive another harsh winter.

As I slushed through snow to document our encounter, the curious creature came even closer. Face to face with a magnificent muley, time stood still during an unforgettable nature moment.

I’m not sure what he was thinking. Maybe he thought I had food for him or maybe he wondered why I was out in the middle of a snowstorm. Anyway, after close inspection, he went back to his herd and I went back to mine.

An unexpected visitor

Foraging for food

Munching on shrubs

Another harsh winter

The curious creature

Came closer

Face to face with a muley

A nature moment

Middle of a snowstorm

He went back to the herd


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