Yellow Pine - Colored Pencil Drawing

"Yellow Pine" Colored Pencil

It’s another gray day in Evergreen as the entire landscape is shrouded in an eerie mist. Stationed at the forest’s perimeter, a yellow pine is a sturdy sentinel standing watch over Elk Meadow.

The tree’s transparent bough allows flecks of the orange field to stream through. Edges become softer and the colors less saturated as grayish hills are stair-stepped into the background like paper-cut silhouettes.

Gnarled branches twist and turn, creating an intricate web of limber, red wood. Writhing towards a lemon sky, the spirited lookout is a living, breathing organism with a personality all its own.

The foothills are a fascinating mix of plants, trees and animals, each depending on the other to survive. Though engulfed by a sea of ochre grasses, the ponderosa pine is perfectly suited to life on golden ground.

Resilient in the face of fierce winds and heavy snow, the fearless straggler is an essential part of the alpine setting. It’s an unflinching inhabitant eager to endure the worst weather Colorado has to offer.

Living in these mountains will test your patience and perseverance. Just as it does for this resilient tree, withstanding the unruly elements in such a harsh environment will only make you stronger.


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