Laguna Beach - A Pacific Playground

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a beautiful boardwalk bustling with dynamic energy. The Pacific playground is crowded with people participating in volleyball, basketball and boogie boarding.

Around the bend, rugged cliffs drop off into the turbulent sea as the green surf crashes about the jagged rocks. Up above, a tiered pathway to the overlook is lined with exotic palm trees.

From the top, a spiral staircase is a safe way to get back down to the water where a lifeguard station surveys the scene. Here, the churning waves of the vast ocean are a relentless, hypnotic force.

Taking a seat just before dark, there’s still salt in the air as the purple sunset is almost surreal. It was a good day spent watching sea gulls, studying shells and searching for sand dollars.

The beach is dynamic

A Pacific playground

Rugged cliffs

A turbulent sea

Green surf crashes about the rocks

The overlook is lined with palm trees

A safe way down

Laguna Beach Lifeguard

Churning waves

A hypnotic force

Heermann's Gull


  1. Beautiful photos. Though I'm a California girl, I've never been to Laguna Beach.

    1. Thanks, we were able to get out there this summer. We enjoyed the beach and the basketball courts. It was nice to get to see the ocean being from landlocked Colorado.


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