Viele Lake - An Urban Oasis

Viele Lake

Viele Lake is a pretty reflecting pool located below Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado. The man-made reservoir is an urban oasis that clearly attracts lots of people.

The Flatirons rock formations create an impressive backdrop that’s mirrored symmetrically across the placid pond. On this September morn, structural white clouds float across a deep-blue sky.

During this season, trees display their yellow leaves through a flickering pattern of light and shade. As summer comes to an end, the birds are full of nervous energy before their eminent departure.

The community park is a fisherman’s delight as the lush habitat harbors big catfish and giant carp. A purple bridge is a photogenic arch that spans the lake’s narrow midsection.

The tranquil setting is perfect for a peaceful nature walk in order to clear your mind. It’s time to put your head down, don’t look too far ahead and just keep doing what you’re doing.

Nestled below Fairview High School

An urban oasis

The Flatirons are an impressive backdrop

Mirrored symmetrically

Structural white clouds

The trees are turning yellow

A flickering pattern of light and shade

A lush habitat

A tranquil setting

A peaceful nature walk


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