O'Kane Park - A Refuge of Greenery

Snowy O'Kane Park

Smack in the middle of the city of Lakewood, O'Kane Park is a wedge of greenery offering refuge from the hectic pace of life. Settled by a family from Ireland in 1895, the open space was first developed as a sprawling dairy farm.

During a recent excursion around the park's perimeter, a Spring snowstorm enriched the already delightful ambiance. The color of the fresh blossoms became even more saturated by the much needed moisture.

Down on the far end of the block, a fountain-filled pond was inhabited by a flock of snow-covered geese. The smooth, dark water was like a mirror brimming with glossy reflections of the blurry landscape.

Before finishing a second lap, the weather had turned into a complete whiteout. I know I was just walking in a metropolitan suburb but on that night, it sure felt like I was trekking across the rural, Irish countryside.

In the middle of the city

Offering refuge

A Spring snowstorm

Fresh blossoms

A fountain-filled pond

Canada Geese

Blurry reflections

A complete whiteout

Trekking through a rural countryside


  1. Looks like a refreshing place for a walk. Is the red a Japanese maple tree?

    1. The red trees are blooming crab apple trees! Lakewood, Colorado, loves Crab Apple trees and they are a wonderful compliment to the Bradford Pears' abundant white blossoms.

    2. It's a nice place to walk. My kid has basketball practice near here so this is where I go while I'm waiting for him. I had no idea on the trees so thanks for that bit of information Claudia.

  2. Dan! I walk the Lakewood parks with a group of friends from our rec center and O'Kane is one of our favorites. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

    1. Thanks! I enjoy wandering around Colorado finding places like this and taking photos. I need to get some pics of the original residence that's still there. It's a pretty unique house.


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