Winter's Last Stand - A New Beginning

Winter's Last Stand

After such an unusual season distinguished by sparse moisture and frigid temps, a blustery weather system arrived the day before the first day of spring. With time dwindling down, winter decided it wasn’t going out with a whimper.

Blowing in from the north, the storm didn’t unleash a tremendous amount of snow but the ferocious winds were brutal. About six inches of white powder coated the landscape, falling through cold air that plunged to nearly zero degrees.

The dark morning spawned a sinister gale that stole your breath and spattered your face with tiny bits of ice. Crunching beneath boots through a near whiteout, the windswept trail was almost impossible to perceive.

The stiff breeze was funneled down through the gulch, creating deep drifts in some places and patches of bare ground in others. Troublesome Creek was thawed and the ribbon of blue flowed freely into a pair of stair-stepped ponds.

The turbulent skies cleared, offering symbolic hope for a new beginning and a brighter future ahead. We shall proceed with caution because spring is our snowiest season so we’re not necessarily out of the woods just yet.

A blustery weather system

Not a tremendous amount of snow

A dark morning

Troublesome Creek was a blue ribbon

Turbulent skies cleared

A brighter future ahead


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