Elk Ridge - A Stormy Afternoon

A stormy afternoon on Elk Ridge

It’s another stormy afternoon as Bergen Peak looms over a lush meadow of tall grass. A fantastically-shaped, red pine is a picturesque sentry marking the beginning of a grueling uphill climb.

Halfway there and a patch of rugged vegetation sways wildly in the midst of a midsummer squall. Up at the top of the ridge, a setting sun strains to spread it’s last rays through a murky atmosphere.

During the trek back down, a spiraling spruce writhes towards the sky like a van Gogh painting come to life. Upon return to the bottom lands as the storm drifts away, a last bit of golden light sweeps triumphantly across the grateful land.

Bergen Peak looms over a lush meadow

A picturesque sentry

A patch of rugged vegetation

A murky atmosphere

Like a van Gogh painting

Golden light sweeps across the land


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